Best 5 Ethereum-Based Play To Earn Games to Play In 2022

Do you know that play to earn games are new and more fun ways to earn crypto into your digital wallet? Please sit back and relax as I take you into the world of wealth creation more casually. Crypto in your account means a lot of financial liberty, especially in the digital world. And, now that crypto is becoming more acceptable in several developed countries around the globe, having some cryptocurrencies in your wallet puts you on top of the world.  

Before we go into details, could you permit me to prepare your mind? 

This article is much of a detailed financial exposition than an engaging piece to keep you updated. As you read on, you discover how to earn Ethereum in the comfort of your home. Have you heard about Ethereum-based play to earn games before? That is going to be our focus in this write-up. You will learn about the topmost play to earn games that allow you to mine crypto, which you can use to pay your day-to-day bills, purchase items in grocery stores, convert to cash in hand, or at the bank for other investment purposes. 

Best 5 Ethereum-Based Play-To-Earn Games to Play In 2022

Why Ethereum? 

When it comes to cryptocurrencies, bitcoin seems to be the most discussed. Top investors prefer investing in crypto more than other types of digital coins. Do you know why? They believe it is the most profitable in the market. That is, of course, aside from the fact that it is the foremost. 

However, Bitcoin is not the highest performing coin in the crypto market. Don’t be surprised. Though it is the most expensive, several other less known or more affordable coins can give you more profits in a short period. For the records, Ethereum is one of the most reliable cryptos you can invest in and cash out big in real-time. 

What’s more about Ethereum?

Ethereum is a general platform technology operating with a decentralized open blockchain. Its developers have access to design and launch decentralized applications using multi-operative contracts written in the Ethereum programming language. Except you are an expert in the digital world, you might not understand the preceding lines. For clarity, some of the decentralized applications discussed earlier are the crypto-based play to earn games built on the Ethereum platform.   

Since other play to earn games are operating on other types of crypto, Ethereum-based games seem to be among the less known in the gaming world. Due to that, finding a very lucrative play to earn games where you can mine Ethereum as much as you want. You don’t have to worry; I have helped you compile the best of the games available on the market. Though a few of them are well known, most of the ones that can give you maximum fun and crypto-earning opportunities are less common.

Best 5 Ethereum-Based Play-To-Earn Games to Play In 2022

Best 5 Ethereum-Based Play to Earn Games To Play In 2022

1. CryptoKitties

This play-to-earn game is one of the most lucrative gaming platforms you can invest your money for profits. CryptoKitties is an Ethereum-based game that allows you to mine, breed, buy and sell virtual creatures to get digital coins. Though it came later, CryptoKitties became the first play-to-earn game that changed the face of the cryptocurrency space with its user-friendly interface and diverse opportunities to earn in-game rewards.

As the name implies, CryptoKItties participants play to earn virtual kitties, which they can convert to real-time money. As of writing, these kitties are worth over $100,000. CryptioKitties record 901 weekly active users, and its weekly transaction volume is worth $39,792.

2. Gods Unchained

This play-to-earn game enables users to trade cards similar to Hearthstone. When you subscribe to this gaming world, you are expected to start building your deck from hundreds of unique cards or buy card packs to be able to unlock a rare card. Since the play to earn is built on the Ethereum blockchain, you fully own your cards.

Though, Gods unchained is not among the most popular gaming world. Yet, there are several other human players you can interact with within the quest to make more money. Gods unchained boasts 750 weekly active users and records a weekly transaction volume of  $35,254.

3. My Crypto Heroes

As the name implies, this play-to-earn game is a crypto hero. The game makes it easier for players to earn crypto by offering players simple tasks to complete and earn big. My crypto hero is an HTML video game. The fact that it is accessible on PC and smartphones makes it more user-friendly. This game is a worker placement and role-playing game that requires players to collect and train historical heroes. You can also acquire special in-game items, form a team of army, and decide on your battler formations with which you would compete with other players and the environment. This game boasts 2919 weekly active users and a weekly transaction volume of $113,855.

Best 5 Ethereum-Based Play-To-Earn Games to Play In 2022

4. Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is not only one of the most popular Ethereum-based play to earn games in the present gaming but also the first and the pioneer of the earn crypto while playing concept. In reality, Axie Infinity has become a significant source of income for both young and old folks in different parts of the world. Ask your Filipino friends; the success stories will wow you. 

Axie infinity allows you to breed, trade, buy and sell little monsters called Axies. To start playing this game, you would have to make an initial investment to buy your starter team of three axies which you will use to compete with human and computer opponents. Axie Infinity records over 10,000 weekly active users with a weekly transaction volume of $567,914.

5. Evolution Land

I doubt you have heard this name before, but it can fetch you a good amount of crypto within a short time. Evolution land runs as a virtual real estate management platform where you can buy and sell land. You can also mine several in-game elements and construction or manufacture some in-game buildings. This game records 471 weekly active users and a weekly transaction volume of $6,371.


You can make a massive fortune with Ethereum-based play to earn games. Depending on your commitment, you can play the above-listed games and earn real-life money to pay your bills, purchase household items, make online transactions or convert your in-game rewards into cash. If you have thought video games are nothing but a waste of time, you need to think again. Meanwhile, you must learn the basics of the game to maximize your opportunity to earn more. 

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